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Light Green

Light Green

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Light Green symbolizes life and prosperity, it gives feelings of warmth to those surrounded by it, it is the second most sought after eye color across the world.


Ingredients: Purified Water, Honey Extract, Aqua Water Extract, Ganoderma Sinensis Extract, sodium chloride, Boric Acid, Vitamin E.

*Note: We recommend using your Fancy Drops products within 1-6 months, storing at 36° to 77 °F, and sealing the top tightly after using.

How to use

Tilt your head back and look up.

Step 1: With 1 hand, pull your lower eyelid down and away from your eye. this makes a “pocket” for the Fancy Drops

Step 2: With the other hand, hold the Fancy Drops bottle upside down with the tip just above the pocket.

Step 3: Squeeze one drops into the pocket

Note: Two drops each eye, twice a day, in the morning and night.

Repeat steps daily.

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Start Your Color Changing Journey With Us

Get Your Most Stunning Eyes Ever

Include Fancy Drops in your daily beauty routine and begin to experience your best natural eyes yet! Our new & improved formula delivers reparative natural extracts and nourishing nutrients directly to the eyes to archive desired color.

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Alicia J.
United States United States

Love This Product!

I absolutely love this product. I use green color drops and brightening & lightening drops. My eye color was light brow( the first photo)I always wanted green eyes like Instagram influencers. I wore color contacts for years, but contacts caused dried eyes.My doctor asked me not to use the color contacts anymore! I was very down for a few months. My friend told me about Fancy Drops. So I gave a try. I don't care the money , I just want the result! So I bought 10 bottles of light green and 6 bottles of the lightening drops LOL. My friend said I am crazy. In the first 3 months, I didn't notice any big difference, but my eye color did become lighter. Tbh, I almost gave up. Good things finally happened, in my 4th month(the seconds photo), my eyes color were a bit greener, God knew how happy I was!!! So I kept using for another 3 months, the result was incredible( the third photo) !! My husband even asked me if I wear color contact again! Girls! You will be blow away by the final result!LOL!! check the 4th photo under the review. Be patient and give it time, you will see the result!

FancyDrops.Co Light Green ReviewFancyDrops.Co Light Green ReviewFancyDrops.Co Light Green ReviewFancyDrops.Co Light Green Review
Gurinder S.
Canada Canada


I just start using the product 3 weeks ago

Kiara T.
United States United States

Current Status.....I am a women with green eyes.

I can say no one have the black eyes like mine, my eyes are black as a black hole. you can see from my first photo.God, I was so want to have green or blue eyes. As I talked to my friend, she told me I could had laser surgery to change my color, god no! it's to risky and expensive I can't afford 30k dollars, not even mention I have to fly to the Mexico to get the surgery done. So I searched on Google. Thanks god I found Fancy Drops. 2nd photo was shot after using 4 bottles of brightening drops and light green. You can see from the photo, my eye became light brown,( can't believe it happened!!!) the 3rd photo was shot in my 6th month, my eyes became hazel, right? I even dyed my hair green for my green eyes!! I thought green hair might fit green eyes better! The last photo was shot this month, my eyes are finally becoming green now. Oh god, can't describe my happiness!! However, I still want to much more greener and lighter, I will keep using and updating.

FancyDrops.Co Light Green ReviewFancyDrops.Co Light Green ReviewFancyDrops.Co Light Green ReviewFancyDrops.Co Light Green Review
United States United States

Yes!!! They are my REAL Eyes....

Love it! this products is the best. Make my eyes look so green and pretty. Definitely my to go and forever supply. Recommended 100% I have uploaded the photos below, not native English speaker, forgive me. photos tell the story.

FancyDrops.Co Light Green ReviewFancyDrops.Co Light Green ReviewFancyDrops.Co Light Green ReviewFancyDrops.Co Light Green Review
United States United States

Girls who want to have green eyes, go for it!!

Buy this product! Honestly it’s amazing. I have bought it 4 times now! 2 Bottles each times. These photos where taken 9 months apart. , the first photo was taken before using the products. the second one was taken after around 5 months of using the product, so my eyes are getting green in my 5th months. My eyes are daxx green right now. my girls are keep asking me the secret :) girls who want green eyes, go for it. you will be thankful. LOL.

FancyDrops.Co Light Green ReviewFancyDrops.Co Light Green ReviewFancyDrops.Co Light Green Review

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